Microphone Shoot-Out

Every few years we go back to look at the measurement equipment we are using. Especially this year, when we will be building a new, larger microphone array for rapid spatial measurements. We want to expand from the 16 x 16 grid to a semi-random pattern that distributes all the inter-microphone distances, minimising spatial aliasing and optimising noise rejection.

We have previously used Earthworks microphones and their M50 again came out on top in this year’s assessment of 15 candidate microphones. We are after not only great linearity across frequencies, but also a predictable phase behaviour and delay. The M50 does all of that: very impressive performance. Also, the extended high-frequency response is important as it helps phase discrimination of combined lower frequencies.

Future posts will give updates on this year’s new array… we are excited about how it will improve measurement speed and accuracy.