Partnership with YG Acoustics

It’s great to be able to announce our new partnership with YG Acoustics today.

I know everyone here is excited to be working more closely with their team in Colorado. Their exceptional focus on engineering precision and their deep in-house manufacturing experience make them an incredible partner.

There are so many excellent ways we can work together, both to evolve their superb existing designs and to come up with entirely new technologies together. We look forward to showing the marketplace the first fruits of our collaboration.

What does it mean for our other customers? Well, it’s exclusive, which means that in the field of audiophile loudspeakers we will only be working with YG Acoustics. All affected clients have been contacted in advance of the announcement, and we will continue our work in other fields. The response so far has been uniformly fantastic: YG Acoustics has a great reputation and everyone contacted has been very excited about what this collaboration might achieve.

On a personal level, I have to admit I am slightly biased. Many years ago, I chose YG Acoustics speakers for my home system and I am still using them today. It will be a pleasure to apply our expertise and resources to collaborate with them in our mutual pursuit of perfection.