About Us

Cambridge Acoustic Sciences provides state-of-the-art measurement, design and consulting services to audio equipment manufacturers. We find innovative solutions to industry problems using the latest modelling approaches and technology.

CAS was founded by two PhD astrophysicists from Cambridge University. Both have strong tech sector backgrounds and a track record of successful innovation in several industries. Mukund and Matthew love music and they share a fascination with how humans perceive sound. Following ad-hoc projects over the past decade, they set up CAS to support growing demand for more ambitious partnerships.

The whole team at CAS shares a passion for music. We also love physics, materials science, engineering and computational modelling: for us, the audio sector is full of exciting challenges and opportunities. Not only is it fun solving difficult problems, but we also enjoy the end results immensely: recreating that remarkable, spine-tingling sensation of musical reality when it all comes together.