Our Services

Recent innovations give audio manufacturers a huge array of new capabilities. Novel materials and precision engineering methods enable levels of performance and accuracy which were previously unimaginable. In parallel, innovative analogue and digital components allow entirely new approaches to electronics design.

We help companies make best use of these opportunities. Our services are as broad as the industry we serve, and we are flexible to work in whichever way suits each client best—whether a confidential, one-off sounding board for new product ideas, or a fully-fledged partnership in product development. Where needed, we are happy to work invisibly as an extension of a client’s internal R&D team.

In engineering, our cornerstone is loudspeaker design, but we have looked at everything from high performance audio cables through to resonance analysis of turntable components. In digital electronics, we have touched on everything from filter design for room correction and driver compensation, through to FPGA programming: both implementing ΔΣ DACs directly and providing signal processing for external DAC/ADC components. Meanwhile, in analogue electronics, our experience spans everything from detailed characterisation of individual components through to complete circuit modelling and design.

If you have a project or a partnership you would like to discuss, we would love to talk to you. Please email us for a confidential discussion.